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Garden design using shade plants and shade trees   

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By describing the  conditions in your garden, we can recommend appropriate shade plants and shade trees. While these descriptions are some what technical, we have provided definitions and defaults.  Click on the appropriate link and a new window will open up with an explanation of the term.

Note Many of the plants in our encyclopedia do well in a variety of garden conditions and so the results of this search can be quite long.  You may want to use the Zone search to find plants that work in your hardiness zone and then the Common Name or Botanical Name searches to get more information about plants that interest you.

In what Hardiness Zone (link opens a new window) is your garden ?

How much Sun (link opens a new window) does your garden get ?  If you don't know, select Partial.  But if you are reading this website, you must think you have shade.  Check the definition carefully before making a selection.

What is the Soil Quality (link opens a new window) of your soil ?  If you don't know, select Average.

What is the pH (link opens a new window) of your soil ? If you don't know, select Neutral.

What is your Soil Texture (link opens a new window) ?  If you don't know, select Loam.

How Moist (link opens a new window) is your soil ? If you don't know, select Moist.

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