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Garden design using shade plants and shade trees   

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At My Shade Garden we are committed to your satisfaction. That is why we ask you so many questions before we even start to develop a design for you. In order to make you happy we need to understand what you like. We realize that answering some of our questions may be a little difficult, as you may never have really thought about what kinds of plants and gardens you like, let alone your gardenís growing conditions. However, we hope you agree, it is well worth the effort to achieve the garden of your dreams!

Developing a garden plan that incorporates individual preferences and growing conditions takes a lot of effort. However, we are so sure you will be happy with the design we create for you we have a money back guarantee!

For our Internet customers, we will develop a preliminary design for you to review, based on the information you provided to us. If you like the basic design, but want some items changed, we will work with you to make the final design the garden of your dreams. However, if you are totally unsatisfied and do not want us to finalize your design, we will fully refund your payment.  If paying by credit card, your credit card will be charged for half the design fee when we post the preliminary design and charged the balance when we send you the final design.  If you're paying by check, please send it to us when you place your design order.  We will hold it and deposit it when we post your preliminary design.  It will be fully refunded if you are totally unsatisfied and do not want us to finalize your design, we will fully refund your payment.

If you are a local customer, we will develop a preliminary design based on the information you provided us, as well as our initial visit to your garden. You do not pay us anything until we deliver your preliminary design. We will meet with you to show you the preliminary design and to answer any questions you may have. If you are totally unsatisfied with the preliminary design and you do not want us to complete it, you do not owe us anything. Payment is only if you like the preliminary plan and want us to finalize it for you.

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