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Made for the ShadeBook Review - Made for the Shade 

Judy Glattstein

If you are looking for a practical book on shade gardening, I highly recommend Made for the Shade, by Judy Glattstein.  Not only does it describe many types of plants that are suitable for shade, but it also addresses common gardening questions about mulch, compost, fertilizers and attracting birds.

However, perhaps the thing I like best about this book is it doesn't emphasize the use of azalea and rhododendron in the shade garden. Not only can azalea and rhododendron be rather fussy plants, they are a favorite food of deer. Yet, so many gardening books promote them as shade gardening essentials, leaving the neophyte gardener feeling like a hopeless failure with no alternatives. Rather, Judy Glattstein introduces the gardener to the attributes of such wonderful plants as holly grape (Mahonia species), spicebush (Lindera benzoin) and, Leatherleaf viburnum.

Whether you are a beginning gardener, or more experienced, Made for the Shade has something to offer.

You can buy this book through our partner Barnes & Noble by clicking on the "Buy Now" button on the right border.  The right border also has links to my other book reviews.

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