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Re: I am Having problems with Lawn Mushrooms.

Date: 04 Aug 2004


i have the same problem.. ever since i put fertilizer down, mushrooms started growing in my lawn. they are sick to look at. i kicked them over, and more would grow. i started using bleach acouple times a week on my lawn. i would use a sprayer, fill it up with bleach, and bleach my lawn. i have less mushrooms now.. im so sick of seeing mushrooms,, when i see them in my lawn, i pour straight bleach on them,, or gasoline,, it will kill every form of vegitation,, but will kill the mushrooms too... i may pour gasoline on all of my property to make sure no more mushrooms grow. and i may make my whole yard concrete...ill do what ever it takes to kill them damn nasty ass mushrooms..

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