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Re: Pruning of Daphne

From: Rebecca Green
Date: 10 Jan 2004


As far as the health of the plant, you can prune your Daphne anytime except in the very hot weather. However, if you want to minimize flower loss, prune it just after flowering. Daphnes are broadleaved evergreens, although their leaves are very small. In cold weather the leaves on broadleaved evergreens curl. This is the plant's attempt to shield itself from cold winds that can take moisture out of the plant and even kill it. It has been terribly cold in the New York City area. If it has been cold near you I would expect the leaves to curl. A virus can cause the leaves to curl too. However, this is something I would expect to see in the summer time, not in the winter. If your leaves are still curled in the warm weather then you might have a virus. There is no cure for a virus in plants. The plant will need to be destroyed.

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