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Moss under Mexican weeping bamboo? Can it be raked?

From: Linda
Date: 10 Jan 2004


In my courtyard I have four beautiful Mexican weeping bamboo plants which are planted in a row at ground level, this area is partially shaded by these plants but some spots get direct sun, especially in the summer time. They are protected and shaded by the side of my neighbor's house, the ground beneath the bamboo looks very shabby with mostly dirt showing. Since the bamboo leaves of this variety look more like that of pine needles I am having difficulties finding an appropriate ground cover which would allow me to rake up the bamboo leaves without disturbing the ground cover. I considered using rock but want a softer look and I've wondered about using moss, can anyone tell me if it would permit me to lightly rake over it to clean up the bamboo leaves? Grass won't work since it would be awkward in cutting the grass. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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