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Re: pond light requirements

From: Rebecca Green
Date: 28 Oct 2003


I've never heard of light requirements for a pond. Making sure the water is well circulated is more of a concern I think. If it is a human-made pond that doesn't have a natural stream feeding it it should have a pump that recirculates the water. This will ensure there is oxygen in the water and help keep fungi growth down. Many individuals decide to treat the water in such human-made ponds with chlorine, much like swimming pool water. This makes it difficult to grow water plants in the pond, but keeps the algae and fungi down to a minimum. Ponds and streams naturally occur in shady areas. In fact many shade loving plants need very moist soil, like that found near a pond or stream. Primroses (botanically called Primula) even like to grow in the water. Carex or sedge looks like a short grass and also grows in water. Both Carex and Primula need shade. However, if you put chlorine in the water, assuming it is a human-made pond, they might die.

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