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Hellebores and Hostas

From: Richard (The Royal Gardener), Ohio
Date: 01 May 2003


I have a 5 acre shade garden here in Toledo. I have just few of the orientalis forms and a small number of foetidus plants. I will be improving my collection by adding a number of cultivars which may mean that eventually I can cross breed the colors. I used to live in England and I worked for the RHS at wisley. I used to collect plants for the plant centre which sold plants to help pay for the gardeners. I drove off into the countryside to visit Helen Ballard who had done a great deal of work with Hellebores. It was a wonderful experience to see all sorts of named a potential new plants in the works and through her I gained a great deal of inspiration to get the word out. I work for the Toledo Botanical Garden as Shade Garden Site Manager which not only has the Hellebores but also a vast number of Hostas we have built into our largest collection. It has also been recognized by the Am Hosta Society as a display garden. Great to see the garden hoasting the hostas built up through the work of the Black Swamp Hosta and Daylily Society and in particular Rob Lamlien who was the driving force, and our plant curator Alison Wood Osmun who helped pour over the mountain of paperwork to see if we even qualify. At 2500 plants, which includes 500 cultivars and species it represents one the largest public garden collections of perennials in Ohio. More power to the plants!

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