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Re: Moss as ground cover instead of grass

Date: 29 Apr 2003


Hi! I have a shade garden with a moss "lawn", I tried grass when I first moved to my home in the Appalachian mountains 12 years ago. It would be wonderful in the spring and ghastly brown by mid summer. I collected moss from anywhere I could find it and filled the center of my yard (an area about 60 feet long by 30 feet wide (naturally shaped). I love it as do all of my visitors--it is a beautiful velvet carpet that sets off plants wonderfully. Generally speaking it is low maintenance (you don't have to mow) but there are some down sides. 1. In the fall you have to get the leaves off of it, but I can't blow because the moss is like a thin skin that comes up with the blower. I have mostly solved the problem by laying down fine mesh camouflage netting when the leaves start to fall. 2. In the spring the seeds of everything fall onto my "carpet" and I have to do a crawl around pick up 2 or 3 times--takes about two hours.] but generally from the time the dogwoods drop their petals (now) until October it is maintenance free except for pulling an occasional weed. 3. One year we had a drought and the robins literally destroyed it pulling off the moss to get worms. I never did find anything to stop them and the next spring the moss had to be replaced--but that only happened once in 12 years.

Overall, I think the beauty and the low maintenance make a moss yard wonderful. I say, "go for it".

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