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Re: Stating a garden in the shade

From: Rebecca Green
Date: 03 Feb 2003


Any and all soil can be improved by adding organic matter, such as compost, to it. All plants do better in soil rich in organic matter. Since your soil is naturally sandy it drains quickly. The organic matter will help retain moisture. No turf grass likes shade. Some are tolerant of it. However, you will probably never have a really good lawn. I recommend you use an evergreen ground cover, such as pachysandra, instead. Lawn is also unhealthy for neighboring trees, as it competes for nutrients and moisture. Some grasses even put a chemical in the soil to inhibit the growth of other plants. Ground cover plants don't need much in the way of nutrients and water and, they don't inhibit other plants. If your shade is really dense you may need to remove a few big limbs from trees to allow more light in. Even most shade plants need a mininum amount of light. Finally, there are a lot of attractive shade loving plants. Chances are they will do well for you in your shady garden.

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