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Garden design using shade plants and shade trees   

Home gardening servicesHome Gardening Services

If you live in the New York Metropolitan Area (link opens a new window), we offer special home gardening services. To schedule a service or for more information, please email us at , call us at (845) 362-2123 or use our home gardening services Request Form.

Garden Planning Services

Sometimes customers feel more comfortable having horticulturist come to their home and look at their garden in person. During the initial visit, we will discuss with you your likes, dislikes and concerns. We will also take measurements of the area to be landscaped and notes of existing plants in the area.

Approximately one week after the initial visit (this may be longer during our busy season - April to June), we will meet with you again to review the preliminary garden plan. Typically this will include a draft schematic diagram of the design, draft pictures of what the final design will look like after it is installed and pictures and information about the shade plants to be used in the design. If you want something changed in the design, this is the time to discuss it. Finally, approximately one week following our meeting to review the draft garden plan, we will meet with you to give you the final design. The final garden plan package will include:

A Schematic Diagram showing exactly where you should put each plant.  This design uses shade plants as necessary for your site..  (Remember, you can use shade plants in your garden with little or no extra cost in either the garden plan or in the plants.)

A Photograph of how your garden will look after the landscaping is complete (with an option to buy a photograph for all the seasons). We make sure the design is visually appealing - something that makes your neighbors say WOW! - and whose purpose and style matches the way you will be using the garden.

A List and Count of plants used in the garden plan for you to take to the nursery. We select plants that are suited to your climate, soil and sun exposure. Without this careful selection, the plant that looks great in at the nursery, probably won't survive a year.

A description of the selected plants from our Garden Plants Encyclopedia.  Our encyclopedia includes plant pictures of all listed plants.

The charge for our garden plan service will be quoted and agreed to prior to the start of work.  You can see samples of our work in the Free Garden Plans area of the web site.  Also, you can see Testimonials from previous (My Deer Garden - our sister company) customers.

Garden Consulting Services

Occasionally a client may not want a detailed design, but rather advice. Our landscape designer will come to your home and offer professional advice regarding what will do well in your gardenís growing conditions, as well as what will look attractive. The charge for this service is typically $60/hour.

Garden Installation Services

Installation servicesMany customers want assistance installing their garden plan. My Shade Garden offers installation services and can install the entire design for you if you like. The charge for this service is typically $35/hour.  Alternatively, if you have a landscape maintenance crew who you would like to perform the installation, but would like our landscape designer to oversee the installation, we are happy to do this for you too.  The charge for this service is typically $60/hour.

A growing number of clients would like to install the design themselves with some professional assistance, as well as instruction on how to maintain the garden once it is planted. We are more than happy to work with you, as a team, installing your design. It is a pleasure for us to help educate our customers on the care of your new garden. The charge for this service is typically $60/hour.

Garden Maintenance Services

Maintenance servicesMy Shade Garden offers maintenance services for customers who want their gardens professionally maintained. We generally use organic gardening products, which are safer for both your family and the environment. We will leave you with a written explanation of what we did in your garden, as well as our recommendations and observations. We also will keep a copy of each service record in our files, so we can better monitor and care for your garden.

The basic maintenance package, which assumes the homeowner is able to perform an hour or two of routine maintenance each week, is as follows:

Late Winter Maintenance

The timing of this service is largely dependent on the weather but is typically in late February or early March. During this service ornamental grasses and perennials that were kept standing for esthetics during the winter are trimmed back. Shrubs or low tree branches that may have incurred winter damage will be pruned. Slow acting organic fertilizers are applied.

Early Spring Maintenance

This service will be performed in late April or early May. Plants are checked for early signs of insects. Perennials that need division are divided. Slow acting organic fertilizers may be applied, as needed.

Late Spring Maintenance

This service is performed in late May or early June. Plants are checked for insect damage. Plants that are highly susceptible to fungus infection will be treated with sulfur.

Summer Maintenance

Your garden will be checked once in July and once in August for problems and treated as necessary. Unless unusual circumstances exist, plants should not be fertilized or divided at this time of year.

Early Fall Maintenance

This service will be performed in September. Perennials that need division will be divided. Plants will be inspected for problems and treated, as necessary.

Late Fall Maintenance

Depending on the weather, this service will be performed in late October or in November. Perennials that need to be cut for the winter will be cut. As needed, lime and other organic supplements will be added to the soil.

The price for the maintenance is dependent on the size of the area to be maintained and the types of plants involved.  It will be quoted and agreed to prior to the start of work. If weather or environmental conditions (such as too much rain or a regional insect infestations) cause unusual problems in your garden, we will discuss with you the cost of treatment before it is performed. Please note that My Shade Garden does not cut lawns.

More Information

Learn about our Internet Garden Planning Services. To schedule a home service or for more information, please email us at , call us at (845) 362-2123 or use our home gardening services Request Form.

You can see samples of our work in the Free Garden Plans area of the web site.  Also, you can see Testimonials from previous customers and look through our Garden Plants Encyclopedia.

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