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Do I have a Shade Garden ?

Have you ever brought home some beautiful plants from the nursery, planted them and watered and cared for them just to watch them die ?  The problem may be simple in that they are not getting enough sun light.  Some plants require more light than others. Best mower for a small yard.

You have two options - 1) get rid of whatever is causing the shade, or 2) use shade plants and trees.  These are plants that do particularly well in a shaded environment.  That's where we come in.

What is shade ?

Full shade is a term used to describe a garden that receives no direct sunlight whereas partial shade is a term used to describe an area that receives less than five hours of direct sunlight a day.

Garden Plans Using Shade Plants and Shade Trees


Go to Gardening Plans to see some Free Garden Plans that you might use or order a My Shade Garden Custom Garden Plan. To guarantee your satisfaction, we offer a 100% Refund if you do not like the draft design we prepare for you. We also provide some gardening tips in our Garden Planning Principles section and included some Frequently Asked Questions about our garden planning services.

Our Plant Encyclopedia has an extensive listing of shade plants and shade trees.  You can search by plant name (Botanical or Common), Characteristics of your Garden, Characteristics of your Desired Plant or just Browse. .

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More Garden Design and Shade Information

Finding the right products and services for your garden is often difficult. We've made that easy with our Store.  We sell Gardening Books, Mycorrhizal fungi, the Garden Care Kit and, of course, our Custom Garden Plans.

Miscellaneous Gardening Information

Discussion Forum - Our Discussion Forum provides a place for asking and answering questions, and providing opinions - use this whenever you've got a question.

Book Reviews - We've reviewed a number of Books that we've found interesting and useful. They include books on garden design and gardening in the shade.

Frequently Asked Questions - We've also listed some Frequently Asked Questions about garden design.

How to Plant a Plant - Some basic advice on how to Plant a Shrub or Tree

Gardening Classes - I teach several gardening classes in the New York metropolitan area. Take a look at our Teaching Schedule.

Hardiness Zone - One of the key factors in determining what plants you can use in your garden is the Hardiness Zone. You can determine what zone you're in on the Zone Map page.

Terminology - We've also included a section on the Terminology we use at My Shade Garden.

Botanical Latin - Botanical Latin is used to name every plant. Although understanding it fully takes a lot of work, we've included some a high level view.

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